Rubens Espírito Santo isn’t a visual artist, but a necromancer who, in his Friday Sessions, drinks the sour milk that humanity refused, giving back, besides air and life, its denied place in the lost sacred temple of our time - and for that, he uses whatever he finds in his way. 

His classes don’t have time to start or to end - they happen either every moment or none since they are invisible for many people - unless for those desperate in search of redemption.

by CCS

Atelier do Centro - G1

Rua Epitácio Pessoa, 91, República, São Paulo

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Galpão do Centro - G2

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Residência Atelier Luca Parise - G3

Rua Teodoro Baima, 51, SL 2, República, São Paulo

CECAC - Centro de Estudos Conglomerado

Atelier do Centro - G4

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Atelier do Centro - G5

Rua Teodoro Baima, 88, República, São Paulo

Coleção Àlex Muñoz - G6

Carrer del Segle, 5, Premià de Mar

08330 - Barcelona, España

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Rua Teodoro Baima, 39, República, São Paulo

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