Third Party Professionals


Eletrician and RES Personal Assistant

6 years in C.A.C

C.A.C Third Paty Assistants

Edson works with RES at CAC for approximately 20 years - on a weekly basis. He takes care of any kind of structural issue in CAC and maintenance, and takes care of the “heavy jobs” of the works. He has already participated in the constructions of several of RES’ “Cabanas”, and has also been Anna Israel’s practical assistant for many years. 


Today, RES focuses more the assistance of his work with Cristiano Reis, who has been working for him for about 6 years now. Cristiano has a degree in network engineering, and does the “delicate” part of the works. Both are freelance professionals and work on a weekly basis at CAC. 


Described by Anna Israel


Practical Work Assistant

20 years in C.A.C


General Facility Assistant

1 year in C.A.C

Atelier do Centro - G1

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Residência Atelier Luca Parise - G3

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CECAC - Centro de Estudos Conglomerado

Atelier do Centro - G4

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GAC - Galeria Atelier do Centro - G5

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