The book "Méthodo RES = Pedagogia + Plástica + Filosofia" (Méthodo RES = Pedagogy + Plastic + Philosophy)  is a fragment of the work of Rubens Espirito Santo (or RES) made by his disciple Lila Loula. RES, 53 years old, is an artist, thinker, and pedagogue (attention here for the meaning - show res) founder of an Atelier in the historical center of Sao Paulo 20 years ago where he produces his pieces as well orientates not only artists but people in search of spiritual development.


Lila Loula, 23 years old, conceived this book as part of her work, for she sees in RES’ work a great contribution to humanity. Hereby she financed the production of this book from reuniting pieces of RES’ work: plastic works, pedagogy texts, philosophical and poetical, and of course the construction of Atelier itself and its members - a living organism that contemplates the complexity of is called ‘Méthodo’ of formation and transmission of the art.


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