1. Lila Loula

Assistant: Julie Campos

2. Manu Gaden

Assistant: Victor Aliperti

3. Victor Aliperti

Assistant: Isabella Sena



  1. CAC has two fully equipped kitchens with oven, stove, refrigerator, deep fryer, counter, pantry, sink, cookware and, various kitchen utensils. They are located in G1 and G5. Every day lunch is prepared by a group of students interested in gastronomy (and assistants), for approximately 15 people. Organizing and cooking for lunch begins at 8 am and lunch is served daily at 11:30 am. Usually, RES sends the week menu at Sunday, but the idea is that the people responsible for the kitchen begin to engage more and more with the kitchen, in a broader sense (other than only cooking), like for example preparing the weekly menus, taking care of and investigating new and unknown spices, investigating new forms of preparation, buying new utensils and different cookware, and taking care of the daily lunch payments

  2. Lunch is charged daily, and costs R$ 20,00 - where R$ 8,00 of this amount goes to the “kitchen expenses box”, that pays for the expenses of kitchen improvements and maintenance.

  3. We have today 3 official people interested in gastronomy in CAC and that cook officially on a weekly basis: Manu Gaden, Victor Aliperti and Lila Loula.

  4. Manu and Victor have a partnership in transforming the CAC’s gastronomic experience in their medium at the moment.

  5. CAC’s gastronomy experience contemplates: working under pressure, serving up to 20 hungry people from a morning of a lot of work and stress, serving lunch to the master, take into consideration the aesthetics and composition of the dish to be served - that is, both its presentation as well as its balance, and specially the love that exhales from the dish that comes from the execution process; another word for “love” here could be “commitment”, dedication, the “givingness”, and the forgetfulness of oneself. Gastronomy, just like any other activity in CAC, is also part of its pedagogy, where the students, not only are learning and improving in practical work but are also inventing other ways and possibilities to relate to themselves.

  6. The kitchen has a list of everyone that will be present for each lunch, and the daily meal chefs are in charge of collecting the payments daily.

  7. The idea for 2020 is for the chefs of CAC to study gastronomy in an expanded manner, that is, going to eat at notable restaurants of the country, getting to know people who cook, going to municipal markets, gathering up for gastronomic experiences, investigating new techniques, going after different utensils and cookware, investigating new and different places to shop.